IOT Division

Evolution IT Solution is a next-generation technology company that helps enterprises, start-ups re-imagine their businesses for the digitally connected age. As an Agile enabled company, we deliver the best in class products, End to End Solutions, and services in IoT and PCB domain. As a B2B & B2C player, we offer product development, consultancy services, and End to End IoT Solutions development for Smart city, Agriculture, Smart Home & Infrastructure, Connected Vehicles, and Industrial Automation verticals. There are three divisions:

IOT Products

IOT Products includes LoRa Gateway, LoRa End Devices, IoT Products and IoT accessories. This includes customization Devices and ready to deploy products for various applications.

IOT Solutions

IoT Solutions includes LoRaWAN based Water Metering Solutions, Social Distancing alert device for covid-19, Energy Metering Solutions, Precision Agriculture, GPS Tracking Solutions, Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solutions, Parking Solutions, Street Light Solutions, Feedback Collection System and wifi based Smart Plug.

IOT Consultancy

We are doing best in class service for LoRaWAN Product development, and system Integrator based consultancy works for various Startups and Industries to meet their requirement in affordable cost.

IOT Solutions

Smart home automation

Evolution specializes in performing custom installations and integrations of Audio/Video and Home Automation Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Marine Landscapes.

Water Meter Solution

Smart water metering solution for apartments, commercial buildings, and industries to save the most invaluable thing in this world.

Street Light Solution

Smart solutions for automatic on/off, dimming control and software services for upkeep and maintenance of street lamps. Evolution IT Solution is ready with an integrated platform solution for smart city command & control (CC) integration of devices.

(Social Distancing Alert Device)

COVID 19- A Global Pandemic taught the Importance of Maintaining Social Distancing in Public and Private Gatherings like Malls, Banks, Temples, Bus stands, Airports, Railway Stations, Govt Offices, etc., As per WHO advice 1 Meter or 3 Feet distance is mandatory to maintain to avoid any Community Virus Spread. It is difficult to Monitor and Alert across locations by deploying Resources. We are proposing an AI- Based Smart Surveillance Device to Monitor and Alert.

Energy Metering Solution

Energy Metering Solutions will give a detailed analysis of Energy usage through LoRaWAN communication to the server for billing the consumer without visiting their place. Also it has a cut-off feature to disconnect the connection when the bill is not paid.

Precision Agriculture

Revolutionize the agricultural practices with its automated farming systems. Built on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), the farming solution aims at delivering a high-quality crop output. Our smart farming system measures both static and dynamic parameters to deliver accurate irrigation solutions for your crop production cycle. Our smart irrigation system functions on an advanced algorithm, which identifies and regulates water flow to crops.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Solutions will give a detailed report on past movement history of Asset / Personal and also current status with moment identification. It also has an option of the SOS button for any emergency notification.

Temparture And
Humidity Monitoring

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solutions are very much essential for monitoring cold chain units, Goods, Medical refrigerators, Food Storage systems, and any HVAC systems on a 24x7 basis. This will reduce the risk factor and improve quality and trust among your branded products.

Parking Solution

LoRaWAN Parking Lot Sensor (PLS) detects and reports parking space occupancy, thus enabling active parking slots management features, such as search, navigation, and reservation. The easy retrofit sensor solution for off-street parking is installed in minutes.

Feedback Collection System

LoRaWAN Real-time customer Feedback Device will improve your business outcome based on continuous customer feedback. This enables shop owners/ Malls/ Government with Real-Time Feedback Information Systems. Our device makes Feedback more transparent and reliable at a low cost.