Adapting to
Your Needs

Incident Management

Our structured approach to prioritising, diagnosing and resolving technical faults creates an optimal user experience. Our first priority for Incident Management is the rapid restoration of service. Our second priority is learning, analysing and recording the incident to avoid repetition of the issue where possible, and ensure a quick and efficient resolution if it does recur.

As we develop deep insights of your infrastructure, trends and patterns will become apparent. We seek to reduce ticket numbers, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your employees and your business.

Problem Management

Following certain incidents, our experienced team create problem tickets to perform root-cause analysis. This approach ensures the original incident or fault is fully resolved at its source, preventing repetition or future impact.

Change Management

As a managed service client, we will meticulously plan and implement changes to your infrastructure wherever necessary.

A change is any modification to your business assets: hardware, software, or documentation.

Changes are managed in the context of:

  1. Optimising risk exposure (supporting the risk profile required by your business)
  2. Minimising the severity of any impact or disruption
  3. Ensuring that your stakeholders receive appropriate and timely communication about any changes

Knowledge Management

Our Service Desk, by its nature, is reactive. However, through supporting our clients and identifying spikes and tendencies, we also aim to be proactive.

This means learning from incidents so that knowledge of the faults is stored, avoiding repeat issues where possible, and ensuring a quick resolution in all cases.

Plug & Play

Plug in when you need us, unplug when you’re done, it’s that simple. We have a family of over 90 designers, developers, and engineers waiting to help.