About Us

The Next Stage
in Evolution

We are a dedicated team of inquisitive professionals who are always looking for new advancements in the IT world. We work doing what we love, and we combine that passion with our experience to bring a different kind of service to our clients, the next Evolution, if you will.

We believe that it is our job to shoulder the burden, so that you can concentrate on what you have to. Leave your IT to us, you can rest assured it’ll be in good hands!

We are based in Lisbon, Portugal. We provide services including (but not limited to) IT management, cloud infrastructure management, web development, and software development.

We are always on the lookout for what’s new, the next innovation or reinvention, and we take every opportunity we can to indulge in the next stage in the evolution of Information Technology to assist our clients to step up to the next level.

Clients rave about our customer service, the reputation of which stems from a combination of quality standards, and adherence to best practice, ensuring exemplary customer service at all times.

Tenho uma empresa de animação turística que organiza diferentes actividades de ar livre, desde surf, caminhadas, escalada, btt, canoagem e team building, precisava de ajuda para optimizar as vendas dos meus serviços na internet e também de alguma ajuda na organização e gestão da minha página Web. Recorri à Evolution IT Solution e fui muito bem recebido, Allen e Virendra são excelentes profissionais e estão a fazer um excelente trabalho de SEO e WEB MANAGING para a Cascais Routes - Outdoor Activities. Recomendo vivamente os seus seus serviços.

João GamaCEO - Cascais Routes

Working with Evolution IT Solution, and Allen specifically, has been a daily positive experience. From day 1 the team gave us full support on everything we asked and full transparency on all details regarding our needs. It was an easy decision to sign a contract with Evolution IT Solution, and one we are very happy with. The team is available literally 24/7, gives quick responses to all our requests and goes the extra mile to help us improve our business. Besides the efficiency and professionalism provided by the whole team, Allen John (our direct contact) is the kindest, most likeable guy, with whom it has been great to work with.

Jessica ReprezasMarketing Communications Manager - LISBOAT

Posso dizer que a equipa da Evolution IT Solution esforça-se ao máximo para ter uma excelente relação profissional com os seus clientes, sempre com foco nas suas necessidades. De evidenciar a disponibilidade demonstrada. Desde a proposta de vários designs para site/logo, conforme as ideias do cliente, aos relatórios semanais relativos ao trabalho de SEO que desenvolvem constantemente, até às inúmeras reuniões que nos propõem para melhor perceber os objetivos, eles estão lá para ouvir as nossas opiniões.

Ana VieraCEO- Founder (Ana Vieira Tarot)

Technical Expertise

We hand-pick our staff based not only on experience, but also on dedication to their craft, ensuring the highest possible quality for our clients at all times.

We look for staff with a combination of self-confidence (bordering on cocky, but always staying just the right side of humble!) and an unwavering desire to learn and improve. We never stop investing in development opportunities for our staff to guarantee we have the most qualified, and creative individuals currently operating in the IT industry.

We may be young, but we are the upstarts the industry needs, we’re here to do things differently, with a personable approach at all times. We’re always happy to talk to you, and we endeavour to always have an answer to your question, and a solution to your problem.

World Class
Response Time

We don’t use the term “average response time”, because our response time is anything but average! Our team are constantly manning their phones, e-mails, and keeping an eye on our fleet of carrier pigeons to guarantee that as soon as your request comes in, we are straight onto responding to it (okay, we don’t have carrier pigeons, but if you need them, we’ll find a way).

The vast majority of our maintenance consists of pre-scheduled upgrades and pro-active maintenance, but our clients need to know that in case of emergency, we’ll always be there.


We are less of a team, and more of a family, just without the bickering!

We all care immensely about the services we provide, if one of us doesn’t achieve, none of us do, and when one of us succeeds, we succeed as a family.

It is this group mentality that ensures the drive and determination of every member of our family to provide the best possible service at all times.

Our Mission

We believe that collaboration is the true heart and essence of any project, and we have followed this philosophy together since our inception. It may be simple, but it delivers results.

It’s not just our track record, the efficiency of our process, and the quality of our products that sets us apart (although they do help!). It is the drive, dedication, and passion we have, independently and together, that has ensured the Evolution family has delivered true value to businesses since 2017, and we can do the same for you. Our vision can be summed up in once sentence, we want to help you be great.

Whether you are Fortune 500 company or an upstart start-up looking to make an impact, our mission is to help you to unlock the opportunities that lie ahead of you with our human-centred products and services.

Our customers are our partners.  We will conscientiously work to help them achieve the highest quality in their products and the highest efficiency in manufacturing.

We welcome feedback from our customers and will respond quickly to all comments.

No customer request is unreasonable.

In all our relations with customers and vendors, we observe the highest standard of ethics.